An Arturas Rosenbacher Primer

Update (11/19/2013): Arturas confesses to being a fraud but claims it's only to hide his secret drug-dealing, mob-financing life.

Arturas's aliases/handles (twitter, forums, etc.) include: TheChicagoPress, Arturas, Arturas_, rturas, ArturasAKR, OldAKR, dailyexec, OliviaOnReddit (posting someone else's selfies to r/gonewild), BlacklistSocial, ChicagoAdmirers, iuparties (no longer his account), iuconfessions, __anoncentral__, IOCapital, rosenbaa, rosenbaa29, Arturas312, ArturasR, allanons, ArturasCEO, _Anti_Sec_, AnonIRC_, Antis3c, _Anon_Ops_, AnonDaily, OfficialAntisec, AnonOpsWorld, anonymouSabu, aajkr29, arturasr29, StartupIU, AKGroup, TetraKai Development, MarketVest, ArrowAdvisory, AK Holdings, DevelopNation, iInvestSmart, ArturasBiz, IU_Live, iArturas, IUBro

Impersonation accounts that Arturas has been caught running on Twitter include MicrosoftSteve, GoogleStartups (more), CNNStartups, JimCNN, ChiTribTech, ChristianAntkow, WhiteHouseSMC, CNNNewsFeed, MrArmisen, GoogleChicago, BankOfChicago, VerifiedCNN, ...

#isTouchIDHackedYet fraud:

The Scams of Arturas Rosenbacher

Fake jobs (Google "R&D", Tumblr founder, Facebook, Wikileaks, Evasi0n, etc.)

Evolving bio (cached version) (Note the Google R&D and "Forbes 30 under 30" claims.)
Claimed Google Job (screenshot and some rebuttals)
Founded Tumblr and TapTap Revenge
Worked at Facebook and led Wikileaks
Lots of false claims about evasi0n jailbreak (now retracted)

I/O Capital, IUParties, and CNN impersonations

Fake company
Plagiarized website
Fake "CNNStartups" account, followed by being caught impersonating a CNN employee. When confronted, he simultaneously deleted both fake Twitter accounts, his real Twitter account (temporarily), his Facebook page, his Forbes user profile, his investor profile, and the I/O Capital website (cached copy).
Pretending to sell the @IUParties account, even though he clearly still ran the account.

Plagiarism and other Twitter shenanigans:

Repeatedly called out for stealing tweets over and over and over ...
Plagiarized Medium article (Original)
Phony Google Glass invite
Stealing photos and pretending to live-tweet a school lockdown in a different state.
Pretending that hackers posted his totally real bank balance

Soliciting "donations"

Fake Kickstarter donations:

Some fake donations
Lots of fake donations (screenshot)
Zero real donations

Fake followers:

Arturas (temporarily) comes clean, then starts buying new fake followers.

Fake legal threats:

Cease and Desist copied from this template using the name of non-existent lawyer.

Anonymous/Occupy Chicago/Ref Ref scams: